I LOVE back to school season. I have always loved back to school, even when I was of an age where I actually had to go back to school. 

I didn't always love the school part - but the school supplies? Oh man. Get me some multi-coloured sticky notes, some fresh pens, and some crisp notebooks. I would spend hours organizing my backpack and making sure everything was just so. 

I still love office supplies, and have an unhealthy addiction to file folders. I don't even have that much stuff to file! I just can't get enough. 

So this season, as we all say goodbye to the summer sunshine, focus on the things you love about the season. Are you a fan of sweater weather? Do you love crunching leaves? Maybe you love taking foodie tours in new cities - in which case, you'll love my latest for the Globe and Mail Travel section. 

Whatever gets you through the fall transition, embrace it. And feel free to join me as I stock up on new notebooks.