If you'd like to feel inspired, or perhaps just incredulous, you should spend two weeks talking to a bunch of high school valedictorians. 

This grad season, I interviewed 12 valedictorians from high schools around the Saint John area of New Brunswick, talking about everything from where they hung out at their school to the best way to use highlighters. 

More than half of these kids wanted to go into medicine, and about a third are attending university on an athletic scholarship. At least half said that either math or physics was their favourite class in high school, but all of them are really, incredibly, stinking busy. 

These kids work hard for the sake of it, pushing themselves to achieve more and be better. They have big dreams, and most of them are excited for their future. They're not weighed down by pressure and expectation - instead, they are bursting with energy, and ready to enter a new phase of their lives. Talking to them was like drinking a sugary cola while a cartoon unicorn sang to me; their energy and positivity couldn't help but rub off on me. 

Or at least, it dented my sarcastic armour for a while. 

What can I say? The future is bright with these kids at the helm.