I've never understood the phrase "busy as a bee." Bees don't seem particularly busy to me, just industrious. They're hard-working, sure, but they're not overloaded with tasks. Bees are just the Type A personalities that you would try to have in your study group in university. 

I am not a bee. 

I am busy these days. Not merely productive, or hard-working, I'm busy. And that's partially because I am working on my procrastination (who wants to work when the new season of OITNB is out?), and partially because I have a  hard time turning down work. You never know when the work will dry up, so I say yes to too much, and get overloaded. 

Over the summer, things are going to be pretty full for me. I have a few longer features that I'm working on right now, as well as a bunch of side work with local outlets. I started a part-time on-air gig with CTV Atlantic (which is so awesome!) so I'm back in the TV game. And I have to find time to take my dog for walks and occasionally see my husband. 

Time to take a cue from the bees.