When I was a kid, I wanted to be a novelist. I wanted to write books, and tell long, sweeping stories, and spend my days in a quiet library with overstuffed cushions and lots of snacks. 

I never considered I would become a journalist. But what do I do with my days now? I spend most of the time working from home, in a quiet room with overstuffed cushions and (too many) snacks. I talk to people, and I tell their stories. 

Some are stories that span forty years, like this recent piece on Maritime photographer Thaddeus Holownia. 

Some stories don't have an ending yet, and they'll be told and retold many times before they're resolved. This article on doctor shortages fits that bill. 

And coming up, I have a chance to tell even more stories. I have two interview-driven pieces that are in the works that I'm very excited to share. Plus, I have a chance to branch outside of the reporting gig for a while, and try out my skills in the world of copywriting! There's a lot to be excited about this spring.