snow day

There's a storm bearing down on the east coast. 

Snow is falling in huge white masses, while the wind whips and stirs it into a frenzy. I'm looking out of the living room window, and all I can see is a flurry of snow. 

It's an exhilarating and frightening prospect, the winter storm day. There's the shakeup to the regular routine. For a few brief moments, we can remember our childhood snow days, hunkered down in the family room with board games, and sledding on the hill. My husband, for one, got up this morning, looked outside, and grinned. Work, he was sure, would be closed today. 

So instead of heading outside, today is a day to bundle up. Take out a deck of cards, pick up a good book, or check out some of the newest pieces I've been working on, like this piece on winter camping. 

And don't forget your storm chips.