It's officially sweater weather, folks. Actually, we may have passed sweater weather a few weeks ago. Now it's sweater+scarf+socks+big coat weather.

While all those layers can be a challenge (and frankly, ruin a good hair day), there's also something comforting about curling up on the couch under a blanket, sipping a mug of tea, and reading a good book.

Or, if you're me, using that blanket as a fort and hiding out underneath it for two days. We all have our things.

But, while I was under that blanket fort, I was still able to be a fairly productive adult...with a blanket fort. I've got half a dozen pieces in issues of Maclean's this month, along with a some fascinating features for the Telegraph-Journal.  I got a chance to learn about traditional Chinese ink wash art, and for a complete change of pace, talk to people fighting for land rights.

Never a dull moment in the fort.