Fall always takes me by surprise. 

I'm walking along, enjoying the summer sun on my shoulders (which are probably getting burned because I'm forever forgetting sunscreen), when suddenly, the leaves turn magnificently red and orange and I'm cold because I'm still wearing that shoulder-exposing tank top. 

This year was no exception. HOWEVER, I have a good excuse. 

I've been wrapped up in a couple of pieces that will be out soon, and some that recently came out. I got to spend a mind-blowing day on a Disney cruise liner, which was just as bananas as it sounds. I have a couple of pieces that will be part of the Maclean's annual college and university guide. Plus, have you guys seen how good fall TV is? You can't blame me for falling into a #LukeCage hole. 

Next year, though. Next year, I'm going to see fall coming. And I'm going to pack a sweater.